Cultural Week

Saturday we had an event at Weekday, free tattoos for everyone.

Alex inveited us to a concert, he was the best musician of all as you can see

Had another great breakfast with Pär, Cheese rules!

Vernissage a Die Frühperle

August Zachrisson had BIG prints and made some great stuff

My wall, Will, Frankie and Mino was there looking at the people

Berlinale, "Mr Magnus Pettersson" said my seat, classy! Miranda July talked about her new film.

Some mobile pictures from last week. Alot of fun stuff happend. Had an amazing tattoo artist in
the store on Saturday, of course he did one on me, a nice bird with cowboy boots.
Then we had a exhibition at Die Frühperle on the theme "Guest/Host", thanks to Alex, Pär and
August for help
And last night i was at the Berlinale and saw Miranda July´s new movie, she talked, got translated
and was cute and  the cat was even cuter. Ended up eating Ramen and the drinking
Moscow Mules at Odessa. Good week so far, tonight another vernissage at Voo, yeeey!

Foo fighters is quite famous for most people, new album coming out april 12.
Here is the first video starring Lemmy
White Limo - Foo Fighters


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