Satan is here and he´s Catalan

Oriol´s poster, real nice!
I once asked Oriol what they do for fun i Catalunya. "Well we do this and that and bla bla bla and then we celebrate the devil."
And today when the city of Barcelona has banned the national sport Bullfighting (did you think it was fotboll?!) whats left to enjoy? Well yes the devil! But what does it look like, what happends when you dance with the devil?

Say no more:

And some pics from my first dance with the devil (pig!?):


Ok, so it was just a matter of time.

Say hello to Hot Dog everybody, or Hot Dawg for all you ghettodudes!
Yes Pär bought a dog.

Example of other dogs:


My work is slowley spreading on the world wide web. This time on

Got an email from a friend in the USA who saw this while surfing the internet one day.. Zoe Bradley wrote some kind stuff.

Now im taking a nap. With Hammock.

Feature in Beautiful/Decay

Beautiful/Decay an american magazine/blog posted my work on their site the other day. Click loggo to
enter site.

Skype konversation the other day with Oriol, about dogs and other important stuff.

Now the producer is running to get us all the stuff we need, me and Pär is building the set and getting all the light work. Special Project is ON!

The calm before the storm


Hägga, Version 2007

On my way to Bonanza for coffe, anyone who wants to join may do so..

Ganzen Tag im Bett

Blue skies during night

Had an real nice weekend, but today i had to pay the prize for having fun. Spent the entire day in bed and now i cant sleep.

Two diffrent versions of one incredible song.

First - Songs: Ohia

And then  - Hajen

Jetzt stabiler

Found this flower on my way home from work a couple of days ago.

Ok, back on track again. Missed a job i really wanted, the terms was not at all acceptable.
Dug deep dpwn in my old music archive and found ASMZ, how could i forget them.

A Silver Mt. Zion - Sit in the middle of three galloping dogs.

14.41.33 - Still bored!

Jp Solberg from Transcendence


Almost 2 a clock and im restless and bored. Wanna do something and need coffee...
I´ve been looking at Sam Weber alot today and feel i wanna share his art.
JJ keeps me company today. They are nice to me.

I hade never seen this Michel Gondry video, and it´s not his best one either.


Just another sunday...

Jackson C. Frank - Dialouge (Electroma)


My so called sneakpeek, teaser or whatever you wanna call it.

So been working on this picture the hole day. It´s far from done but i think it can look cool, at least it´s fun.

Been listening to Jakob Hellman today, i like him.

vergessen Filmrollen

I mean look at that...

Im enjoying the incredible view i Greece

Sofia looks real cool in her uncels hat.

Lisa in Tallin, but she´s walking in the wrong direction?!

Ester haveing a good time with Jeanette in Tantolunden. She said the book was good.

Mattias, like to swim. He likes it so much that he learnd how to swim butterfly! Sunny day in Ingarö.

Took a trip to Egypt, went snorkling and met a stingray. (missing in picture, stingray)

Took some pics of Adam, he had a strange jacket.

So last night i went trough 2 harddrives and found alot of scanned films from last summer. So therefore i´m bringing you a cavalcade in pictures shot in 35mm and 120mm film.

So no filmclip today but one little tip. Some really nice drawings by Marissa Textor.

Der Wald ist schön

This is what the forrest in Saltvik looks like if you go up real early.

I miss the forrest, haven´t been walking in the forrest for ages now i think. This picture is taken with my Holga about 3 months ago. Went up real early (05.00!) and took a walk. Saw a similair one in Wansee but that was filled up with ugly, dangerous terrible spiders. No go!

Tran Anh Hung is making a movie of the beautiful book Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. I haven´t read that much Murakami but i really enjoyd this one. Here is a little teaser, and for all Radiohead fans, Jonny Greenwood has made the soundtrack. By what you can see in the trailer it looks like it will be amazing.

By the way, such an amazing song.

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