Snow covered roof

A.Heldring enjoying weather

Today it started snowing, just a little bit but it looks beautiful on the roofs.

Nice video with excellent band No joy made by superb director SALAZAR who made the even more
amazing video "Gently Gently - Christopher Smith", I´ll post that one an other day, stay tuned.
No Joy - Hawaii

All i want for christmas is..

Sebbe having fun

Going down that road

Soffan likes snow

Emma rather stay in

Last years Christmas tree

Going home for christmas, to all of this, looking forward.

My Gold Mask - Bitches

Colorless work, new sphere!

Inka Neumann - Check my new b/w blog at tumblr here

New blog, sometimes the same pictures but always in black and white.

Thought i would post something real nice today but i´ll post a cover by Robyn instead.
When doves cry - Robyn

Print work

50x70 print - Baryt Paper - Mounted on 10mm Kapa

Looking good on the floor

Just spent alot of money on prints, but im happy with the results. And thanks to Cookie for he´s PRO help.

Warpaints first video from the album "the Fool".
I always had a secret crush in Shannyn Sossamon (one of the most beautiful women on this planet) and it´s a pleasure to see her work.
Warpaint - Undertow

Warpaint "Undertow" from maudegone on Vimeo.

Killer, lets eat

In the early days I had a very b/w view of everything

Annika was here, she is also a very good photogrpaher - Annika Berglund

Got a nice feeling right now, think stuff will work out fine if i have the discipline to make it happend.

Sparrow and the workshop - Crystals

Good morning sunday

Tove is thinking it over one more time

Sunday sun is shining.

Dylan LeBlanc - Emma Hartley

Loose control, we are people now

Good old Axelsberg subway (aka Little Chicago)

The washmaschine is still broken..

Ten years ago this was one of the best albums ever, according to me that is. Today it´s still one of the
best records i have ever heard.
Neutral Milk hotel - Two headed boy pt II

You watch your feet, for cracks in the pavement

Kodak 160 Nc
Real fun night yesterday, big thank to Sarah and Said for a amazing dinner party. Pure and simple fun from start to finish. Today i paid the prize.
Now i wanna post two great songs.

Remeber Wendy Rene? Lykke Li did. Maybe on an upcoming album?
Lykke Li - After Laughter (comes tears)

Alot of people are talking about the Xiu xiu concert on tuesday in Festsaal Kreuzberg. Im gonna go but not to see Xiu Xiu, i cant wait to see Zola Jesus!
Zola Jesus - Sea Talk

Home sweet home

No work today, except for 2 hours closing at 18. I got bored after one hour and did this.
Flour portraits of we who lives here. HotDog was the only one who didnt like the idea, but sometimes
you got to take one for the team. Tonight, Rasmus Kellerman på Magnet, see you there.

The flour reminded me of snow and snow and Iceland is not that far away so check out this upcoming
band from Iceland.
Amiina - Hilli

Hast du problem mit deine Ohren

Marienburger straße at night, not a good idea apparently.

Dark times, dirty crimes.

PVT - Light up bright fires

When the sun comes up

Nella swinging! Tjoho!

Had my great friend Annika here this weekend. Had the best lunch in a long time at Maria Bonita. Now i step down to work mode again.
Dead Skeletons - When the sun comes up (for the last time)

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