Behind the scenes

AD, Oriol Salles adjusting some details

Producer, Enric "Bukeke" Adell doing some producing

"The Set" getting redy and looking good

Here is some behind the scene shots from the "Est Obst" shoot that i posted here a couple of weeks ago.
Worked With Oriol Salles, Pär Kjellen and mastermind producer Enric Adell.

Boring Monday

Two new magazines, bought them at the excellent store "Do You Read Me"
Love the Dylan Cover, Shoot by Barry Feinstein

Overslept, missed school and almost missed my appointment with my new german bank today.
And now im sitting inside reading some magazines and listening to some good music. Boring but alright.

Logh - Saturday Nightmares

And I start to complain that there's no rain

Dubbel exposure. Pär, Oriol and Hot Dog

Nothing new, nothing fun. No time. This made me in a better mood.

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