You stole my money and ran away with my Pony

Pär and Oriol, Tempelhof, Kodak Porta 160 NC

Oriol, Schönhauser Alle, Kodak Porta 160 NC converted to B/W

Bad week, to much to do and for no meaning. And the days is getting shorter.

Band of Horses playing at a wedding - Kudos!

Sodium Magazine

New feature, this time in Sodium Magazine

Today Daniel moved back to Sweden, i made him Tacocake, and he loved it! He´s going back to a country going the wrong way, we are becoming a narrowminded people.
A people that doesn´t belive in the essence of huamnity.
We let nazis in to the parliament, what happend?

We like diffrencens, and if you do, join and make your voice heard, let Sweden know that this is not ok.

Stay in

Oriol in his old room

Staying in today, some movies, coffee and snacks in my sofa. And of cousre listening to By some miracle by Philip Selway (drummer of Radiohead). Interesting video.

Philip Selway - By som miracle

Today's theme: Black/white

Pär and Hot dog

Lykke Li in the desert with a few mirrors:

Esst obst!

Esst Obst!
Photographer: Magnus Pettersson
Co-photographer: Pär Kjellén
Art Director: Oriol Salles
Producer: Enric "Bukeke" Adell

Based on this illustration


New/old portrait & a blog!

One of my favourite blogs, updated everyday with beautiful stuff!

True swedish love...

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