Paul Granjon goes to Germany!

Stolzer Sohn

My mother, sorry mom i didn´t find a better pic.

So my mother has been working as a hairdresser for almost 50 years if you include the years while she were a traniee , think she started when she was 15.
When i were 3 years old we moved into the house where i grew up and my mom started her own buisness. Now 26 years later is it time to retire. So today has  Sundsvall Tidning, our local newspaper, a big feature of her. Im am very proud of my mother, the doctors told when she started her own buisness that she should try to find a diffrent job since her shoulders were all worn out put she didn´t listen to them and kept on working for 30 more years.
So today is here last day working. I´m happy for her and grateful for all the time she spent working so that me and my sister could be able to do all the things a kids wanna do, so now think she really deserves a loooong vaccation.

You can read the interview here (in swedish).
Kerstin stänger sin salong


Yes, Pär has shorter hair now!

When i moved here to Berlin we used to get up early(!?) in the moring and do some gymnastics for about 30-40 minutes. I really liked that, but then all of a sudden we just stopped, dont know why!? I think it´s time to pick up where we left. So from next week i´m gonna start doing that again, anyone that wants to join can do so, if your not available to come here, no worries, we can maybe do it via skype?  The picture is a little teaser of what it can look like. Nice huh?!

Now i should maybe post a nice uptempo workout video, but nooooo!


Another pic from Teufelsberg

Boring day, i wanna do someting? Suggestions?

Nice homage for Mark Linkous by Danger Mouse and James Mercer.


Lady look for dog

Saturday me, Pär and Oriol went out to Tempelhof to start working on a project, we got som nice shoots i think and Tempelhof was really cool.
Im not a big flickr kinna guy, thinks is kinna boring but last week i found two brilliant artists there. So just out of pure kindness will i share them to you.
First one out is Lauren Treece . supernice Polaroids among other.
Here!!! - click Here!
And also Lola Dupré, amazinge collages.
Click here for Lola!!!!

Ok Go just released a new video, not as advanced as the last one but its nice aswell.

Weitere Porträts

Daniel 2010.06.12 - 16.07.27                                    Pär 2010.06.14 - 18.40.12

Dinner with friends yeasterday, today tierd and overslept. Missed school = not good!
Oh yeah, almost forgott, got a working cellphone now, happytimes!

New video from Dead Weahter made by supertalented Floria Sigismondi

The Dead Weather - Die By The Drop (Official video) from Jackie Wild on Vimeo.

Samstag Nacht bei mir

23.08.09 Oriol                                                         23.28.49 Albert

Saturday night was fun, nice people nice places. Shoot some portraits of Oriol and he´s friend Albert before going out.

Nice song/video from Moon Duo


My screen right now

It´s to warm, need to swim!

Spike Jonez - shortfilm - for Absolut Vodka?! Bra eller anus, what do you think?!"

Endlich begonnen

My room looks like shit now

Cant remeber what film i loaded, 160 or 400

Building the setup, had to use the Bohrer

So yesterday i finally started working with my silluette project, or at least did the first proper test. I think i will turn out alright. Not really what i useally do but i think in the end i will be real good. Next test will be this weekend, then im need to develop the film, have it scanned, take a look at it an try to get the right feeling, then i can start.

On my way to Kreuzberg last night i listend to Selda Bagcan, it was probably the best bike ride ever, thank you Selda!



I talked about mix things together and get an even better thing. Well i dont know if thats the case this time but i kinna like it anyway.
David Pajo (Will Oldham, Tortoise, Interpol & Royal Trux) recorded this Misfit cover a while ago.
David Pajo - Where eagles dare

Teufelsberg again

Met up with Viktor today, drank beer.

Nina enjoyed the sun.

Elin was there.

Found a Moped.

The view is nice, yes it is.

After school today i went back to Teufelsberg with Viktor, Elin och Nina, had som difficulties getting in due to all holes were fixed, but after a litte hike we got in. Super nice day and with a few beers the afternoon turned out pretty good.

One little tip then im off
Super nice portraits off Devandra Banhart
Neil Krug -  is an really good photographer, take a look arund he´s website aswell, lots of goodstuff

Free is nice

Sometime, somewhere, funny things happend on the toilet!
Photo: Annika Berglund

Me, Mino and Fabio went to the Deutsche Guggenheim today (it was free) to watch Wangechi Mutu’s installation. It was ok, some real nice things but a bit to unilaterally.

Spatziba came with a nice tip the other day
What if you could remix 2 beautiful things with eachother?
Like for instance Grizzly Bear and Brian Eno?!
And then remix it a bit yourself?
well open both links underneath the follow these instructions:

1. Press play on either player
2. After an indefinite number of seconds, press play on other player
3. You can create your own mix by adjusting the volume on either player
4. If it's good: enjoy, if it's bad: try again!

Grizzly Bear - Foregrund
Brian Eno - Canon in D Major

Ich schwitze

I though my sx-70 was broke, but it wasn´t!

Got up early this morning, took my bike, went down to my favourite coffee place, bought myself a cappucino read the latest Filter Magazine and listend to Monica Zetterlund. Stayed there for 3 hours then i went to Rewa and bought breakfast for me, Daniel and Oriol. Everyday should be like this.

Stick iväg Jack - Monica Zetterlund

Keine Strümpfe

Denmark 2007

Öresundsbron 2007

Dolcedo 2007

Ring Ring - Sleigh Bells

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