Cindy und Bert

I knew there were song good music in germany

Growing up

Soon i´ll be walking by here

Backavägen, the street where i grew up

Young man - Up so fast

Its a very special Christmas

Yes! Julöl, Julmust, Pepparkakor, Estrella dillchips, Kanel Knäcke, Djungelvrål och Västerbottenost.

Finally i´ve got som more Julmust, bought three bottles and also found some other good stuff. And tonight im going to see Salem live at Festsaal Kreuzberg! Good week so far.
Dont miss the feature in Bang Bang Berlin check it here >>> Here

So here is "A very special Christmas - 1000 dollar Playboys" for all you with Spotify that is since i cant show the Video in Germany!?
And for you people without Spotify and living in Germany i can show you this nice video:
Robert Lester Folsom - Ginger

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