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My mother, sorry mom i didn´t find a better pic.

So my mother has been working as a hairdresser for almost 50 years if you include the years while she were a traniee , think she started when she was 15.
When i were 3 years old we moved into the house where i grew up and my mom started her own buisness. Now 26 years later is it time to retire. So today has  Sundsvall Tidning, our local newspaper, a big feature of her. Im am very proud of my mother, the doctors told when she started her own buisness that she should try to find a diffrent job since her shoulders were all worn out put she didn´t listen to them and kept on working for 30 more years.
So today is here last day working. I´m happy for her and grateful for all the time she spent working so that me and my sister could be able to do all the things a kids wanna do, so now think she really deserves a loooong vaccation.

You can read the interview here (in swedish).
Kerstin stänger sin salong

Postat av: Pajja

Fint! Jag träffade din mamma jättesnabbt när jag flyttade in men hon och din pappa var riktigt trevliga och gulliga. Hälsa och gratulera så mycket.

2010-06-27 @ 23:25:26

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