Ein weiteres Mal auf Tempelhof

Pärki was waiting for the right dog, he remind me a bit of David Hassel to the Hoff in this picture.

No dogs and Pärki got restless and started throwing stuff at me.

Then Chika came and everything was back to normal.

Went out to Tempelhof and tried to find more dogs, not as good as the last time we were here but we got some nice material this time to. Later we met up with Alex who had bought a boat, got som beers and had a nice night.

Just got email of a new job that sounds interesting, havein a meeting today or tommorw about it but it sounds like fun with a lot of creative freedom. Will tell more later on.

Coma Cinema - In lieu of Flowers

Postat av: johanna

så jäkla fina bilder du

2010-07-22 @ 14:09:37
URL: http://www.radiohuvud.blogspot.com

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