Viel besuch

They are half as good as they should be.

So i dont know what to write or what to do for that matter, feeling kinna strange, must be the boring weather.
This weekend was fun though, 5 of my best friends were in town and we had some great times together.
Anyways, i thought i should post some nice links instead of write rubbish so here we go:

Meredith Dittmar
- makes lovely sculptures in clay.
Haroshi - Artist and skateboarder who make sculptures out of old skateboards.
Alexandre Dubosoc - He´s stopmotion film on how to make a cake is fun and sweet.
Nadav Kander - Amazing photographer from Tel-Aviv

And then this video/song from Bear in heaven, amazing!
Bear in Heaven - Deafening Love

New Work

Inka Neumann in Friedrichshain

Put up 3 new pics on my website. This one of Inka i shoot two weeks ago for a cover. Although now it seems like its not gonna be a cover. To bad, but what ya gonna do.

By the way, do you know what rock n´roll is? if you dont, listen to this, cuz these guys are rock n´roll specialists!
Buddy Holly & The Crickets


Hard work, and filthy!

Found two windows today that will be perfect for my new portrait series project. Spent the hole day making them look the way i want. Now i only need some plastic, some acrylic paint and about 10-15 models.

Been listening to this all day, made me happy.
Patti the Poet - Horses/Hey Joe


Große Kuchen

Doppel Kuchen

Great day today, so far that is. Going out for a nice dinner at Hans Würst later on the hopefully get a bit drunk, anyone that wants to join may do so. Daniel woke me up with a nice song and gave me Cake in bed, nice friends i have. Then Pär and Oriol got me another cake when they came home from school.
Been kinna quiet in the blog for a couple of weeks, i´ll start post some stuff later on and tell you what i´ve been doing. Now im gonna drink some Berliner Pilsner

Magnificent Magazine

More fin stuff in Magnificent Magazine

Got a small feature in Magnificent Magazine without even know about it. Fun though!!
Magnificent Magazine

Phone camera deluxe

Some iphone pics from the last 3 weeks. So what have i been up to? Well, we went to Treptow Park to see some Russian stuff, had lunch at Asman(!?), had som beer at the beach bar, Went to Teufels berg (best field trip so far, amazing place) and of course celebrated 1 of may at Bar 25 riding the white Pony.

Get out of the streets

Thousands of cop on the streets, they where everywhere

An explosion somewhere, lots of smoke came our way

Not everybody did what the police told them to

And some people took a fight, with various results

Some more pics from today, didnt happend that much, some one told us that  the nazis hade chosen another route, didnt see them anyway. So we got boerd and went home for some pasta.

Got this nice clip from my friend Özgür


Nazi´s are walking trough Prenzlauer

Right outside my door is a big Nazi parade. Feels kinna weird. The entire Schönhauser allé is filled with police.

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