Viel besuch

They are half as good as they should be.

So i dont know what to write or what to do for that matter, feeling kinna strange, must be the boring weather.
This weekend was fun though, 5 of my best friends were in town and we had some great times together.
Anyways, i thought i should post some nice links instead of write rubbish so here we go:

Meredith Dittmar
- makes lovely sculptures in clay.
Haroshi - Artist and skateboarder who make sculptures out of old skateboards.
Alexandre Dubosoc - He´s stopmotion film on how to make a cake is fun and sweet.
Nadav Kander - Amazing photographer from Tel-Aviv

And then this video/song from Bear in heaven, amazing!
Bear in Heaven - Deafening Love

Postat av: erik

Mmmmm goodlinks

2010-06-01 @ 03:09:47

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