180 Magazine

180 is a "style art fashion" Magazine from California

Did a little interview for 180 Magazine a while ago and now it´s online. apperently im "Not that guy!"
Nice cover i must say.

Once Adam came by my office and said "här sitter du och Album leafar" and now im doing it again. Sigur Ros says an other thing, they say: Miiiaaaaauuuuu!

tanzen mit musik

Yes, i´m playing between 2300-0030 and 0300-0500 on the main dancefloor

Ein weiteres Mal auf Tempelhof

Pärki was waiting for the right dog, he remind me a bit of David Hassel to the Hoff in this picture.

No dogs and Pärki got restless and started throwing stuff at me.

Then Chika came and everything was back to normal.

Went out to Tempelhof and tried to find more dogs, not as good as the last time we were here but we got some nice material this time to. Later we met up with Alex who had bought a boat, got som beers and had a nice night.

Just got email of a new job that sounds interesting, havein a meeting today or tommorw about it but it sounds like fun with a lot of creative freedom. Will tell more later on.

Coma Cinema - In lieu of Flowers

Carne Magazine issue #4

Me in Carne Magazine

The new issue of Carne is just released and im in it togehter with 2 other very good swedish photographers.
First the amazing and very nice guy, Viktor Gårdsäter >> gardsater.se
And also Sannah Kvist who´s work you can see here! >> sannahKvist.se

Great song by Peter Wolf Crier that i saw on Crista Leonards Blogg.

Ich hatte langweilig

This is my "imaamericannewsanchorwhojusttoldtheworldimhavinganaffiaronlivetelevison" picture

Bored, yes i am. Took a long walk, then did some work and know i dont know what to do. See alot of pictures from Arvika and it look great as always. Really wished i´ve had gone there.

This song takes me back 17 years to 1993 and is still as goos as it was then.

Evolution und Skateboarden Dinosaurier

I alwaysed liked Blu, think his work is nice and so. So here is his new work. I like the Dino!

An other Dinosaur i like (liked) is Denver! anyone remember him?
Well if you dont remember, here is what he looked like. If you want you can sing a long, goes like this:
"Denver the last Dinosaur, he´s my friend and a hole lot more"

One last video from "Will it shred" and the question is, can you shred it!?

Muss Wasser haben

Saltvik, i spent every summer here for 29 years

So back in Berlin after a couple of days with family and friends in Sweden.
Posted a "behind the scenes" with Tobbe Allanson building a machine for Electrolux.
Here is the final result, amazing as always from Tobbe.

Spaß bei der Hochzeit

Sweden, Sweden!
I´ll give you an odyssey in pictures from this saturday. Had a great time with great food and the best of friends.
Thank you Erik and Tove for a wonderful wedding.
Now back in Berlin and it´s to hot, way to hot. More pics and fun links coming up, first dinner at Siam!

Tobias Allanson is a funny guy with a exciting mind, i´ll give you a teaser of one of his latest project, i´ll show the result later on. Check his website HERE!!TOBBE!

Scheiße in der Regenschirm

Pär getting wet, if you in the unlikely want to see me in the same situation go to Pär´s Site

Suddigt kort va?!

I love rain, so 20 minutes ago i persuaded Pär to join me (yes, i asked Oriol to, but he refused!?) and we took a walk in the rain.
Then i just started to think of Björk and how good her music suites the rain, in a good way that is.

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