vergessen Filmrollen

I mean look at that...

Im enjoying the incredible view i Greece

Sofia looks real cool in her uncels hat.

Lisa in Tallin, but she´s walking in the wrong direction?!

Ester haveing a good time with Jeanette in Tantolunden. She said the book was good.

Mattias, like to swim. He likes it so much that he learnd how to swim butterfly! Sunny day in Ingarö.

Took a trip to Egypt, went snorkling and met a stingray. (missing in picture, stingray)

Took some pics of Adam, he had a strange jacket.

So last night i went trough 2 harddrives and found alot of scanned films from last summer. So therefore i´m bringing you a cavalcade in pictures shot in 35mm and 120mm film.

So no filmclip today but one little tip. Some really nice drawings by Marissa Textor.


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