Spring spring spring

Masai Mara

Nightlands - Suzerain ( A letter to the Judge)

Old shit, new times

Wednesday and thursday last chance to see this.

School of seven bells - Imundernodisguise

Cultural Week

Saturday we had an event at Weekday, free tattoos for everyone.

Alex inveited us to a concert, he was the best musician of all as you can see

Had another great breakfast with Pär, Cheese rules!

Vernissage a Die Frühperle

August Zachrisson had BIG prints and made some great stuff

My wall, Will, Frankie and Mino was there looking at the people

Berlinale, "Mr Magnus Pettersson" said my seat, classy! Miranda July talked about her new film.

Some mobile pictures from last week. Alot of fun stuff happend. Had an amazing tattoo artist in
the store on Saturday, of course he did one on me, a nice bird with cowboy boots.
Then we had a exhibition at Die Frühperle on the theme "Guest/Host", thanks to Alex, Pär and
August for help
And last night i was at the Berlinale and saw Miranda July´s new movie, she talked, got translated
and was cute and  the cat was even cuter. Ended up eating Ramen and the drinking
Moscow Mules at Odessa. Good week so far, tonight another vernissage at Voo, yeeey!

Foo fighters is quite famous for most people, new album coming out april 12.
Here is the first video starring Lemmy
White Limo - Foo Fighters

Do as i say! Please..

Daniel, test shoot for upcoming project.

So last night i was supposed to hang the exhibition for tonight. But the people at the print store had
cut my prints wrong. How is that possible? So today, stress stress stress.

New video from Yeasayer, the beautiful "I Remember"


Yepp for all you people living in Berlin, come by the 16th of Febuary

Been listening to much to Salem lately, but i cant stop, it´s soooo good!
Salem - Skullcrush

Up, up and away

Crista visit, ENJOYMENT!

Check out Cristas work: www.cristaleonard.com

Been a bit slow and quiet here for a while, just been out of time. Busy beginning of 2011.

A video from last year then?

Iamamiwhoami - B

Cindy und Bert

I knew there were song good music in germany

Growing up

Soon i´ll be walking by here

Backavägen, the street where i grew up

Young man - Up so fast

Its a very special Christmas

Yes! Julöl, Julmust, Pepparkakor, Estrella dillchips, Kanel Knäcke, Djungelvrål och Västerbottenost.

Finally i´ve got som more Julmust, bought three bottles and also found some other good stuff. And tonight im going to see Salem live at Festsaal Kreuzberg! Good week so far.
Dont miss the feature in Bang Bang Berlin check it here >>> Here

So here is "A very special Christmas - 1000 dollar Playboys" for all you with Spotify that is since i cant show the Video in Germany!?
And for you people without Spotify and living in Germany i can show you this nice video:
Robert Lester Folsom - Ginger

Snow covered roof

A.Heldring enjoying weather

Today it started snowing, just a little bit but it looks beautiful on the roofs.

Nice video with excellent band No joy made by superb director SALAZAR who made the even more
amazing video "Gently Gently - Christopher Smith", I´ll post that one an other day, stay tuned.
No Joy - Hawaii

All i want for christmas is..

Sebbe having fun

Going down that road

Soffan likes snow

Emma rather stay in

Last years Christmas tree

Going home for christmas, to all of this, looking forward.

My Gold Mask - Bitches

Colorless work, new sphere!

Inka Neumann - Check my new b/w blog at tumblr here

New blog, sometimes the same pictures but always in black and white.

Thought i would post something real nice today but i´ll post a cover by Robyn instead.
When doves cry - Robyn

Print work

50x70 print - Baryt Paper - Mounted on 10mm Kapa

Looking good on the floor

Just spent alot of money on prints, but im happy with the results. And thanks to Cookie for he´s PRO help.

Warpaints first video from the album "the Fool".
I always had a secret crush in Shannyn Sossamon (one of the most beautiful women on this planet) and it´s a pleasure to see her work.
Warpaint - Undertow

Warpaint "Undertow" from maudegone on Vimeo.

Killer, lets eat

In the early days I had a very b/w view of everything

Annika was here, she is also a very good photogrpaher - Annika Berglund

Got a nice feeling right now, think stuff will work out fine if i have the discipline to make it happend.

Sparrow and the workshop - Crystals

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