Der Wald ist schön

This is what the forrest in Saltvik looks like if you go up real early.

I miss the forrest, haven´t been walking in the forrest for ages now i think. This picture is taken with my Holga about 3 months ago. Went up real early (05.00!) and took a walk. Saw a similair one in Wansee but that was filled up with ugly, dangerous terrible spiders. No go!

Tran Anh Hung is making a movie of the beautiful book Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. I haven´t read that much Murakami but i really enjoyd this one. Here is a little teaser, and for all Radiohead fans, Jonny Greenwood has made the soundtrack. By what you can see in the trailer it looks like it will be amazing.

By the way, such an amazing song.


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