This is how i live, my new room.

My new lamp, i built it myself today

So this weekend was fab, went to some bars, a champangeria and some nice clubs. got home very late both friday and saturday. On sunday we went to Mauer Park and a big fleamarket, bought a new polaroid camera. Took a really long walk down to Tiergarten and after that i just fell to sleep.
So this i my room were i live, getting preatty cozy espacally with my new lamp that i made out of old cassets.

My friend Fredik Lundström is working on my new website, and it gonna look absolutly awsome, meanwhile i did a temporary for all you guys to see. check it out!

Postat av: jonathan

dude, hur har du satt ihop kasset banden, jäkligt nice gjort

2010-05-25 @ 20:04:53
Postat av: Magnus

Buntband är hemligheten...

2010-05-25 @ 20:08:16

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